Popular synchronization software and Dropbox competitor SugarSync received and update earlier today that brings a slew of enhancements and bug fixes to the app, including support for Android 4.0. Here's a look at the full changelog:

  1. Easily share files and entire folders to your friends on Facebook, email, SMS, and more.
  2. Select multiple items at once. We support batch operations!
  3. Copy, move, and delete files or folders.
  4. Earn free storage in the app.
  5. Do stuff faster with our new Quick Actions menu.
  6. View your account storage usage.
  7. Use it on Ice Cream Sandwich. We now support it.
  8. Rename how your device appears in SugarSync.
  9. See fewer bugs. We won’t miss ‘em either.

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For those unfamiliar with SugarSync, it's a data syncing tool that aims to make all of your files (or at least the ones you choose) available at your fingertips, all the time. You can selectively choose which folders to sync, or just sync the whole shebang - it's really up to you. SugarSync offers a 5GB account for free, but if that's not enough, it also offers 30GB, 60GB, and 100GB plans for $4.99/mo., $9.99/mo., and $14.99/mo. respectively.

With this new update, SugarSync is starting to become more and more appealing, as it's now offering more of what users have to come to love so much about about competing services.

So, if you're ready to give SugarSync a go, hit the link below (no, I didn't intend for that to rhyme).

Developer: SugarSync, Inc.
Price: Free