We first discussed the impressively-featured, but somewhat ugly, CloudAround Music Player when it was released about two months ago. The developers promised a "slick new interface" was coming soon, and boy have they delivered - as well as brought some new, even more impressive features.

Let's start with the features first:

  • Full settings section including:
    • Caching limits
    • Cache Clearing
    • Ability to toggle hiding duplicates
    • Force album/artist art scan
    • Prevent artist metadata scanning
    • Wifi only settings
    • Artist art download quality
  • Completely new beautiful UI based on user feedback
    • We've had easily a hundred emails of requests
    • default background images that are easy on the eye
    • default art covers
  • New mini player on the songs listing page, with control as well as progress
  • Enhanced for tablet sized interfaces
  • Landscape and portrait mode for player pages
  • Artist Image Backgrounds
  • Fixed foundation layer to provide for a more reliable player under OS stress
  • Improved stream times
  • Ability to hide/unhide artists/albums/songs from user view
  • Performance boosts, which were critical for massive cloud accounts

When they say brand new interface, they really mean it. Check out the old (top) versus the new (bottom) interfaces, below:

cloudaround_old1 cloudaround_old2cloudaround_old3

cloudaround_new1 cloudaround_new3 cloudaround_new5

The new UI is certainly very reminiscent of the Google Music UI, but with 100% less ugly.

Now, if they can just integrate Google Music streaming, they might just have the perfect music player...

CloudAround Music Player
CloudAround Music Player
Developer: CloudAround, LLC
Price: Free+

CloudAround Music Player Pro
CloudAround Music Player Pro