Avira, a "worldwide leading supplier of self-developed security solutions," has thrown its hat into the Android security ring, releasing Avira Free Android Security to the Market today. The app offers a bevy of familiar anti-theft functions, including remote lock, scream, GPS tracking, and device info monitoring, among others.

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Though Avira's solution offers the old standbys as far as anti-theft functionality, the app also has a few unique touches and key features that make it worth checking out.

First off, the service can handle multiple devices, which is a huge plus in my book. The app also allows users to add a convenient button to the lock screen which will call a predetermined phone number, allowing the person who finds your phone to get a hold of you quickly and easily. Avira also stores security history, recording all user commands for posterity.

It's also worth noting that Avira is currently in its beta stage. That being said, the app looks very promising, and already offers polished functionality and a smooth interface.

Best of all, Avira's security solution is absolutely free in the Android Market. If you've yet to choose an anti-loss/anti-theft security solution for your Android-powered devices, Avira is definitely worth a shot. Click through the link below to grab the app, or check out Avira's website for more information about the company's other security solutions.