Just a few days after allegedly adding its NYC market to the list of 2012 LTE rollout locations, Sprint has evidently begun planning to light up the Los Angeles Metro area by the end of 2012 as well.

Sprint's Los Angeles Metro market currently spans all of Los Angeles County, including Avalon and Santa Catalina. According to S4GRU, Orange County, North LA, Riverside/San Bernardino, San Diego, and Lower Central Valley are included in different markets, and are expected to deploy some time after Los Angeles.


S4GRU also notes that while converting the necessary sites to Network Vision standards will take over 8 months, individual sites will be activated on a monthly basis, meaning customers who purchase Sprint's first round of 4G LTE-enabled devices will still have a chance of enjoying enhanced data speeds.

Los Angeles brings the total number of planned rollout markets to twelve, though there's no way of knowing in what order the markets will deploy. Still, it seems the list keeps growing longer, which is exciting news for customers looking forward to utilizing the power of Sprint's 4G LTE network.