We trotted on over to the NVIDIA boot at MWC in Barcelona this morning, and happened upon the newest tablet offering from Toshiba, the AT270. Officially unnamed at this point, the device is packing a 7.7" SAMOLED 1280x800 display, a Tegra 3 processor, Wi-Fi, and 32GB of storage (it's unknown if this is the standard amount). It's also running Android 4.0.

Playing with the device was a fairly pleasant experience - though an attendee using the AT270 right before us managed to lock up the device on the unlock screen. So, it's definitely still in the development stage. However, Ice Cream Sandwich performed well, and everything generally seemed pretty snappy. A demo of the upcoming Golden Arrow THD Tegra 3-optimized game yielded fairly smooth 60FPS performance - albeit with a few stutters - with impressive visuals, as you can see in the video.

However, the AT270's frame did seem very plasticky (and creaky) - though ill-fitting exterior components may just be a result of the fact that the device is pre-production. Given its size and construction, we're expecting this tablet to priced closer to the mid-range. Actual pricing and release information remain unknown. To learn more, have a look at our hands-on video, below: