We descended upon the Huawei booth just a short while ago here in Barcelona, and there we found a whole gaggle of Huawei's new flagship device: the Ascend D Quad. I'm calling it the DQ for short  - because who doesn't like Blizzards? Anyway, we know the DQ is packing Huawei's first in-house processor, the K3V2.


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Basically, what you need to know is this: it's a Huawei device, so it will probably be priced pretty aggressively compared to other quad-core devices. Of course, the fact that it's a Huawei also means a US launch on any of the big four isn't super likely at launch - but you never know. This Huawei's first true high-end device, and they're pushing it hard. Three different models will be released - the DQ XL, which packs a larger battery, and the D1, which has a dual-core processor rather than Huawei's quad-core K3V2.

Pricing wasn't announced, but Q2 availability was (for the DQ), while the D1 will be launching in April in all markets.

Anyway, back to the DQ: how is it? We had some time to play with the device, and snappy was definitely the word we'd use to describe it. Like most Huawei phones, the design isn't particularly exciting, but it's definitely not ugly, either. It's reasonably thin, and the 1800mAh battery will hopefully provide sufficient juice for a day's use. To assist in power management, the DQ's processor will throttle itself back to 1.2GHz (from 1.5) in most situations. We also imagine there's all sorts of other multi-core power-saving magic going on under the hood, but that's a topic for another day.

It's also running bone-stock Android 4.0 (there isn't even support for Google Apps or the Market yet), so we assume Huawei will be selling the device without any overlays, as will be the case with the ultrathin Ascend P1. To see the DQ in action, check out our hands-on video, below: