Building on the hype surrounding HTC's new line of Android-powered smartphones, the Taiwanese manufacturer has released a series of promotional videos, showcasing the HTC One series and each device's individual strengths.

For those who may have somehow missed the buzz thus far, HTC's One series is packing some pretty impressive hardware, from the One X with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, to the more budget-minded One V with its 1GHz processor and pocket-friendly 3.7" display. For a full look at HTC's new lineup, see our initial post here.

First up in the video onslaught is the One X, the biggest and baddest of the new lineup. Its brother, the XL is also featured, though the most notable distinction between the two is the addition of 4G LTE connectivity. The One V also gets highlighted for its unforgettable, "iconic" design, while the One S is lauded for its unibody design, continuous shooting, and (of course) Beats audio. 

Without further ado, here are the videos:

Source: YouTube