Just as HTC announced its new One line of Android-powered smartphones, Clove, in an HTC One blog takeover, announced that pre-orders are now open for all three devices. Clove also divulged each device's price, full specs, and expected release date.


The HTC One X, perhaps the most impressive of the new line, is slated for release on April 5th, carrying a price tag of £410.00 (or about $645) not including VAT. On top of its awesome specs (listed in the handy image below), the One X is available in either white or grey. While it appears that the international version of the One X will carry a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, it's worth noting that AT&T's version (which will debut later) will in fact be running with a dual-core Snapdragon S4.


Customers can preorder the HTC One X in white or grey directly from Clove Technology.


Next in the lineup is the One S, a slightly smaller, more conservative device  with slightly toned down specs. The One S, like it's more super-powered counterpart, is expected to launch April 5th, though it's also carrying a more conservative price tag of £375.00 (about $590 US not including VAT). The One S is headed for T-Mobile (after international launch), and will maintain its international specs.


The HTC One S can be preordered from Clove here.


The HTC One V, the smallest of the bunch, carries lower specs than the other two devices, and a much smaller screen. Featuring a 3.7" display, 1GHz Processor, and 4GB of internal storage, the HTC One V is aimed at those on a budget, and has a price to match. The One V will run customers £220.00 without factoring in VAT, which is about $346 US.


The One V is also slated for a later release date, waiting to debut until April 26th. The One V can be pre-ordered here.

To view Clove's HTC One blog takeover, or to watch Clove's series of One-centric vlogs, head over to the source link below.

Source: Clove