Yesterday, HTC dropped a teaser on their Facebook page: a vector outline of a phone with an HTC logo and a big "5" in the center and a caption of "This Sunday you'll discover something fast." With 5 days to go until MWC began, we took a few stabs at what it could mean. Today, the company has followed up with a "4" teaser image on their Facebook, with the caption of "This Sunday, you'll hear something authentic."


I'm going to go out on a limb here and do some speculation, so take everything with a major grain of salt. Yesterday's "fast" caption made sense, and coupled with the 5 total cores in the Tegra 3 and the leaks we've seen in regards to a Tegra 3-powered HTC phone coming to MWC, that bit makes sense. On its own, the "4" teaser could mean two things: either Android 4.0 (duh) or Sense 4.0. Throw in the "authentic" in the caption, though, and... well, I'm not really sure if HTC knows what that word means, because I've never heard it used in regards to a phone as a couple of people pointed out in the comments, likely means Beats audio integration (duh on my part). In any case, I'd also like to point out that the vector image of a phone shown above pretty clearly has room for capacitive buttons, as we're reportedly going to find on the Edge/Endeavor.

My guess: HTC is teasing the Edge/Endeavor. What are your thoughts?

[Source: HTC Singapore's Facebook]