While there are advancements in almost every aspect of smartphones on a nearly daily basis, there is one area in which phones have seemingly been the same for years: voice calls. More specifically, call quality. Sure, we have nifty tools like VoIP and the like, but, overall, the quality of conversation whilst talking on a mobile network could use some oomph.

Full-HD Voice_tcm183-101472

That's exactly what Fraunhofer IIS, looks to bring to the table at Mobile World Congress next week. This advancement in voice calls allows for full-HD quality, will run completely in a VoLTE (voice-over-LTE) environment, and sounds absolutely incredible. It sounds as if you're in the same room with the person with whom you're speaking. To get a better idea of how good it actually sounds, check out Fraunhofer IIS' demo right here.

There's no word on when we could start seeing this technology implemented into smartphones, but it will definitely be a nice enhancement when that day arrives.