Astrid has been one of the most popular To-Do list apps for Android for years. Today it's getting a facelift and a few extra features. Most notably, Astrid now has a spiffy tablet UI. Making use of the Fragments API, Astrid lays out your Lists panel, your individual tasks, and details on each individual task for easy access. Like so:

astrid tablet

Simple, straightforward, and easy. The new UI is being added to more than just tablets, though. It looks like Astrid has paid attention to Google's style guide. The new UI for phones is as slick as Ice Cream Sandwich itself. In fact Astrid is a model for how apps should take Google's new style guide to heart.

astrid1 astrid2 astrid3

You'll also notice that the update has added subtasks, which makes sorting your to-dos even easier. Astrid has also added the ability to outsource tasks via TaskRabbit, and improved sync with Google Tasks. All in all, it's a solid update to an already solid program. Head over to the Market to get your update.

The app was not found in the store. :-(