Like other companies, ASUS hasn't been shying away from teasing what it has in store for Mobile World Congress. While we can't say for sure what the Taiwanese company has up its sleeve, we can make some pretty good guesses based on the pair of teasers to hit its YouTube account thus far.

Divided We Stand, Together We Rock

So, what do we have here? A matryoshka doll taken apart with the words "Divided we stand," then put together with the text "together we rock" across the screen. Great... but what does it mean? What comes next can probably answer that question: 1+1+1 = endless possibilities. We don't know about you guys, but we're betting that this one is all about the Padfone. Phone + tablet + laptop = endless possibilities? I do believe so.

Twice the Detail, Twice the Fun

This one is both more obvious and curious at the same time. It's clearly about a tablet, but what does the tagline mean? Perhaps ASUS is working on a  tablet with a display resolution of 2,560*1,600? Or maybe it's some sort of teaser about the TF700T (though that's not likely, in our opinion).

We definitely can't make the call right now, but one thing's for sure - we'll be at MWC next week, so you better believe that we're going to find out.