The folks over at Droid-life have unearthed an internal Verizon document pointing to some device workshops for two as-of-yet unknown devices. The LG Cayman (like the islands, but way smaller), and the DROID Fighter. No word yet on which manufacturer is producing the latter.


We're not sure whether the "device workshops" are public or employee training. We also don't know if they take place before or after the release of the devices. The document suggests that several other workshops have occurred this year, most of them after their respective devices release dates. Then again, for unreleased devices, we can't be sure. The Cayman and the Fighter workshops are set for late March early April, so even if the workshops will take place after the release of the devices, we can still expect to wait to hear anything more.

The Mobile World Congress is coming up in about five days, so hopefully we'll hear something then.

Source: Droid-life