The Mobile World Congress is right around the corner (David an I are packing our bags as we speak), and HTC decided to tease us ahead of time with a picture of a phone outline and a number 5. They didn't have to spend much on making that one - this is literally the simplest and least interesting teaser I've seen in a while (did you get a bunch of new interns recently?):


Since HTC doesn't want to make it fun, we decided to give it a go ourselves:

  • MWC starts in 5 days.
  • Could it be a 5" HTC phone?
  • Are they talking about HTC One V (Roman for 5)?
  • 5 new devices?
  • 5 cores (Tegra 3 has 4+1)? - thanks Harkison
  • The rate at which HTC's stock price is falling?
  • 5G?
  • 5 hours of battery life?
  • 5 months behind the hardware curve?
  • 5 fruity flavors?

Alright, we tried. Now it's your turn - leave your own captions in the comments, and let's see if we can crack some smiles on as many faces as possible this morning.

Source: HTC on Facebook