Gamevil released another treat to the Android Market today, introducing Arel Wars – a game that promises "RPG action and defense strategy," and doesn't disappoint.

The game is kind of a cross between tower defense, real-time strategy, and RPG, packing the best of all three into a colorful, spritely world, taking players through 120 levels and across 8 unique maps. Before each match, players must choose their arsenal of powers and minions, which can be upgraded and reproduced throughout each round. To make things a bit more dynamic, each hero specie has its own tactical advantages and individual skills. Winning matches pushes players up the ladder, allowing for upgraded skills and units, which can form almost infinite tactical combinations.

Screenshot_2012-02-21-17-16-06 Screenshot_2012-02-21-17-16-35 Screenshot_2012-02-21-17-20-50

Arel Wars is genuinely fun, and has awesome graphics that combine pixel art with maps that almost look hand-drawn. The one major drawback is that ostensibly after each level, the player is confronted by this:


This isn't necessarily something new, but the sheer frequency of reminders is a little absurd, and I'm not 100% sure that giving a 5 star rating really guarantees a better future experience. At any rate, I am able to see past that annoyance and enjoy the game for what it really is.

On top of everything Arel Wars has going for it, the game is free in the Android Market. I'd definitely recommend trying it out if you're looking for a fun, light time-waster with a polished gameplay experience.

The app was not found in the store. :-(