Yesterday on their Facebook page, LG Mobile teased that something was coming today, with a heavy emphasis on "L". As promised, they revealed just what the L is today via a press release, and it turns out to be 3 new Optimus smartphones: the L3, L5, and L7. While the press release is light on actual details (but heavy on marketing mumbo-jumbo), they do reveal that the L3 will have a 3.2" screen and launch in Europe in March with Gingerbread (Android 2.3). The L5 and L7 will be 4" and 4.3" respectively, and both will pack Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and ship sometime in the first half of 2012.

lg_lseries_1 lg_lseries_2

What would a product reveal be without creepy pictures of models holding the phones?

Other marketing nonsense information:

L-Style’s  design philosophy is comprised of five aesthetic elements:  Modern Square
for a comfortable grip, Floating Mass Technology for a slimmer look, Seamless
for a more intuitive arrangement of keys, Harmonized Design Contrast utilizing
metallic accents and Sensuous Slim Shape that naturally draws one’s attention.

[Source: LG, via The Verge. Images via LG's Flickr]