A mysterious post showed up on the Droid RAZR forums yesterday containing a whole slew of screenshots of the Droid RAZR running Ice Cream Sandwich. The original poster left no information about the build, nor did s/he reply to the gaggle of questions that followed the leak. Known only as dragon974, the poster seemingly vanished after dropping the goods.

razr_ics_about razr_ics_appsdrawer razr_ics_appsdrawer_groups razr_ics_desktop

razr_ics_desktop_folder razr_ics_dialer razr_ics_in_call razr_ics_incoming_call

While this leak gives us a good look at what ICS on the Droid RAZR should look like, there have been some questions concerning its validity. According to several of the replying comments in the thread, including one from well-known Android modder P3Droid, these shots are said to be completely authentic.

razr_ics_notifications_dropdown razr_ics_screenlock razr_ics_settings razr_ics_widgets_drawer

razr_ics_camera razr_ics_photoedit1 razr_ics_photoedit2 razr_ics_photoedit3

Unfortunately, there is no word when this update could be rolling out, but at least there's something for Droid RAZR owners to hold on to until that time comes.

What do you think? Has Moto done a good job of keeping Android 4.0 fairly pure?

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