The topic of using a stylus with a tablet is a bit controversial. When discussing the iPad in 2010, Steve Jobs (semi-)famously said, "...if you see a stylus, they blew it." And for the most part, recent tablets - whether they're running Android, iOS, or something else - have been designed with that philosophy in mind. Run a quick Google search, though, and you can see two things: styluses are hotly discussed in news and editorials, and they're on sale everywhere and in every price range.

For some (okay, few), using a tablet is really just easier with a stylus. For others, they are good only for occasional tasks such as drawing, coloring, or apps that require higher precision. And for others still, they don't want to see them (or simply have no need for them), ever. So where do you fall? For, against, or somewhere in between?

Do you use a stylus with your tablet?

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[Image: Geek With A Laptop. Also, check out this cool "Build Your Own Tablet Stylus" post from LifeHacker.]