Here's a bit of good news for anyone with an unrooted Motorola device - the root method released earlier today by Dan Rosenberg for the Xyboard/Xoom 2 should actually work on any Moto device that's running Gingerbread or Honeycomb. The direct quote, from Dan himself:

The Droid 4 root ("Motofail") should work on all Gingerbread Motorola devices that I know of. The just-released XYBoard root ("XYZ") should root all Gingerbread and Honeycomb Motorola devices. Both Motofail and XYZ rely on the same vulnerability, but the XYBoard had an additional hurdle in place that required me to exploit a second bug in order to trigger the first one.

The newest exploit only adds one step to its predecessor, essentially making the first one superfluous. Thus, anyone looking to gain root on a modern Motorola device should go straight for XYZ to make it happen.

Here's a list of the most popular devices that this method should work on:

  • Droid 4
  • Droid RAZR/MAXX
  • RAZR (International)
  • Droid Bionic
  • Droid 3
  • Droid 2/Global
  • Droid Pro
  • Droid X2
  • Droid X
  • Milestone X
  • Atrix
  • Atrix 2
  • Defy
  • Defy+
  • Admiral
  • Photon 4G
  • Electrify
  • Xyboard
  • Xoom
  • Xoom 2
  • ...etc

If your device isn't on the list but is running Gingerbread, then go ahead and give it a shot - this method should cover the gamut of Moto devices.

To grab the download, head over to Dan's site,