When you name your game "One Epic Game", you have one of two options: either fill your game with high-powered hardware, gnarly baddies, and over-the-top villains, or not take it seriously and call it ironic. Game developer Grip Games chose to do both. One Epic Game is a side-scroller set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies that's aware of just how trite that premise is.

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OEG has a very self-aware sense of humor that feels like it shouldn't be as funny as it is. The game literally begins with our hero asking a zombie why so many games have zombies in them. The fourth wall breaks get a little, shall we say, ample in a short time, but it gives our hero a very Deadpool-esque feel. Also like Deadpool, we get to use a bunch of cool guns to kill things, so all is forgiven.

The side scroller genre feels a bit dated, but this game does a good job of being a fun throwback to the classic days of gaming while still being fresh, entertaining and, dare I say it, witty. Grab One Epic Game from the widget below and get ready to save the world from the end of itself... for the thousandth time.

One Epic Game
One Epic Game
Developer: Grip Games
Price: Free