Looking to "help you catch up on technology news in minimal time and on your own schedule," Briox introduced Riversip to the Android Market recently. Riversip without a doubt provides a unique take on the "news reader" concept, automatically choosing news sources based on user-chosen topics, and showing only the top headlines, instead of clogging up your screen with every headline available.


Riversip also makes a point of its incredibly easy user experience, promising that "no setup or learning time [is] required." The app also allows users to see what other sources have reported on a given topic, providing a multitude of different angles for each headline. Additionally, Riversip can comb your Twitter feeds for reactions to or mentions of specific stories, to show you what your friends are talking about most. All of these factors combine to fulfill Riversips promise of updating users on the latest tech news in mere minutes, requiring very little effort while providing the maximum amount of pertinent information available.

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Overall, Riversip seems to make an awesome solution for keeping track of tech news and is certainly worth checking out, especially considering the fact that it's free from the Android Market. Click through the Market link below to grab the app and stay up to date in one of the simplest, fastest ways possible.