Demolition Inc., a popular action/strategy which made its debut on Steam about five months ago, is headed for Android by way of NVIDIA's Tegra Zone, expected to land sometime in March.

According to NVIDIA, the game is "100% physics technology," leaving just about everything up to the player. Demolition Inc. follows the story of a demolition worker named Mike, who happens to pilot a UFO.

While flying Mike's UFO over various Earth cities, players can use a variety of weapons and tools to wreak havoc on the planet. Players can drop explosive cows, self-driven cars, and even high rise buildings on cities in an effort to utterly annihilate Earth.

screenshot01 screenshot02

With vivid, almost cartoonish graphics, an undoubtedly atypical weapon selection, and ever-changing, anything goes gameplay, Demolition Inc. is almost certain to be a hit when it debuts in the Tegra Zone in March. For more info, check out Demolition Inc.'s listing at the Tegra Zone.

Thanks, Alex!