In case a CES announcement and a superfluously long Superbowl ad weren't quite enough to grab your attention, allow us to re-re-introduce you to the Galaxy Note. You might think you already know this device. You might think you know it as a gigantic phone or a tiny, tiny tablet. Either too big to be pocketable, or too small to be tablet-y. You're wrong. TheTechBlock is here to illuminate how.


The folks over at TheTechBlock do a far better and more eloquent job than we ever could at explaining just all the ways that the Galaxy Note can and will rock your world if you'll just give the phone with a little extra to love a chance. Hopefully this editorial will help neutralize the stigma in this country against phones that don't necessarily fit with society's idea of what the perfect size for a phone is.


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We don't want to step on any toes here, but the piece does a brilliant job of highlighting all the myriad uses of the Galaxy Note. The convergence trend continues as we see how the Galaxy Note can be used for home entertainment, recreation and fitness, and even as a tasteful addition to household decorum. Check out the source link for the full editorial.

Source: TheTechBlock