Fragger is a new game from that gives you a pack of grenades and a phalanx of immobile terrorists and says, "Have fun!" Once you've set aside your silly ethical hang-ups about attacking helpless, faceless enemies, you might think that the game is similar to Angry Birds. It's actually a lot closer to BASIC classic, Gorillas.


Remember this?

fragger1 fragger2 fragger3

Then you will like this

Back in the old days, we had to adjust our angle and velocity manually. You kids today get to use your fancy touch screens to aim the grenades and adjust how far they fly. The goal, of course, is to rid the levels of anyone in a mask.

One interesting addition is a "View the Solution" mode. While the levels are fairly straightforward, if you do happen to find yourself stuck, you can pull up a video demonstrating how to approach the level. Gaming purists might consider this cheating, but then gaming purists might also not consider this a real game. Casual games, have fun!

Price: Free+