An update to the Facebook app just hit the Market, and looking at the changelog, you'd think it's a major update:

What's in this version:

  1. Navigate anywhere, fast: Get to your groups, apps, pages, and settings with a single press
  2. Search and you will discover: Look through friends, subscribers, apps, and pages
  3. See your friends tags on pictures and zoom: New photo viewing experience
  4. Faster notifications: Get alerted in real time with new push notifications
  5. Games & Apps: Play games and access your favorite apps on the go
  6. Access to mobile timeline (If you already have a timeline)
  7. Access to friend lists and subscriptions

Huge, right? Well, not exactly. See, the last version was 1.8.2, and today's update brings things up to 1.8.3 - a major hint that not a lot has changed. But an even bigger hint is looking through old posts, like one about an update in early December with... the exact same changelog, despite being a few versions previous. Similarly, the update that rolled out 2 weeks ago also didn't come with a new changelog.

So, what does the update bring? Who knows, but probably nothing more than a few minor bug fixes. It's hard to be sure, but then again... how surprising can a lack of communication be from a company that puts out an app that has pretty much been sub-par since release, even releasing an update that ran GPS 100% of the time?

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+