We know, we know - you're tired of hearing about Siri and its respective knockoffs. But, we assure you, this one is different. Very different. In fact, it's beyond anything we've ever seen before.

The app is called Utter! and while it isn't yet available for download, it's already doing things that we could previously only imagine. Instead of just giving you a generic answer such as Siri and the like, it actually utilizes the apps that you already have installed. Want a add a calendar appointment? Tell Utter, and it'll take care of it. Get travel details, find out the weather, and launch applications - all child's play for Utter, and all done using native applications instead of just simple searches.

Actually, that's just scratching the surface for Utter - if you watch the entire 22 minute video, you'll see the developer, brandall of XDA, use Utter to set his CPU governor (yes, it asks for superuser permissions), reboot into the bootloader, and even have a conversation. One of the highlights of the video (for us, anyway) is when he asks Utter what it thinks of Siri for iOS. Its response? "The bitch has a very limited vocabulary." It even has a sense of humor! On another impressive note, he tells Utter to create an email, verifies the subject, and tells it what to populate the body with. It executes the commands quickly and efficiently, leaving only the sending of the message to be done manually. Totally sick.

The app displays potential for quite an advanced intelligence and understanding, as well. During a conversation with Utter, the dev tells it he's watching a film. Utter responds by asking what film he's watching. When he tells it "The Lion King," it responds with "you're 35 years old, why are you watching a children's film?" He then attempts to argue with the app, telling it that he's actually 21 years old. The app uses information pulled from his Google and Facebook profiles to tell him otherwise!

According to a comment on the YouTube page, Utter! is still in early beta so it won't be available for "a while yet." When it finally becomes available, though, we'll make sure to let you know.

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