According to Pocket-lint, Sony is planning to bestow PlayStation Certification onto upcoming HTC Android smartphones by the middle of the year. What does said certification entail?

Basically, the PlayStation Suite project (of which PlayStation Certified hardware is a part) currently consists of a dozen or so ported PSX titles from Sony's back catalog - like Crash Bandicoot, or Syphon Filter. They work on PS Certified Android phones as well as the PlayStation Vita.

Retro gaming has certainly experienced a second-wind on smartphones thanks to emulation, and Sony is trying to capitalize on that interest through more legitimate (and profitable) channels.

While the PlayStation Certified program has been slow to take off, it's not like those PSX games are going to lose a lot more of their value at this point, given that many are already approaching their 15th birthdays. Sony's flagship PlayStation Certified handset, the XPERIA Play, was generally considered a flop stateside, so the company needs all the partners it can at this point to try and get the platform off the ground.

It's possible HTC will be announcing this new feature on its handsets at MWC in Barcelona later this month, so we'll have to see how this rumor pans out over the next few weeks.