Acer ANZ just announced a distant April timeline for the Ice Cream Sandwich update to float all the way to Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, this doesn't tell us anything about the rest of the world, but unless they're delivering it by pigeon mail, I see it as a pretty good indicator of when it will hit the States, Europe, and other continents as well. Unfortunately,

Great news, everyone! We’ve just got confirmation from HQ that the Iconia Tab A500 will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in April. No exact date yet, but we’ll let you know when we have it. What are you looking forward to most in ICS?

Apparently, numerous (and quite vocal) Acer A500 owners aren't as close to the top of the upgrade list as the A200 ones, whose tablets just started receiving ICS a couple of days ago. A 6-month upgrade cycle, while pretty lengthy, is still not such a bad deal (remember, some tablets won't ever see it officially) and will make Android 4.0 that much sweeter when it arrives.


Thanks, Joseph John!