When it comes to benchmarks, one name usually stands above all others: Quadrant. Even though it has been proven to be easily faked, there's just something about running it and see a 3000+ score show up at the end to make you feel your device is untouchable.

Despite its popularity, Quadrant has been missing one key feature: multi-core support. That all changes with an update that was pushed to the Market earlier today, which brings Quadrant up to version 2.0, though. Not only does Quadrant now support multiple-core chips, but the update also brings ICS support, GUI improvements, support for Polish, and a fix for slow frame rates on PowerVR SGX 540 GPUs.

Screenshot_2012-02-13-14-07-11 Screenshot_2012-02-13-14-07-32 


Due to the changes that this update brings to the app, version 2.0 reports scores differently than 1.x so the result browser is a bit on the weak side for the time being. Aurora Software, the creator of Quadrant, noted that the browser will be restored in the next update when new results are available.

Grab it below, and feel free to drop a screenshot of your results in the comments just for kicks.

Quadrant Standard Edition
Quadrant Standard Edition