Mobile games are a hot category these days. Multiplayer tablet games, on the other hand, are a bit harder to come by. The larger form factor lends itself well to multiple players gathered around a virtual game board, but few apps pursue this route. Fireballs HD is one of those few. Up to four players can join a Tron-like game, competing to keep their fireball alive without hitting the trails of others.

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The graphics aren't the greatest in the world, but the gameplay is solid. At the beginning of each game, two to four players can select to join in. Each player is given a set of left and right arrows in their respective corner of the screen that control the movement of their fireball. Fireballs leave a trail that will destroy any other player that comes in contact with it.

Fireballs HD is a simple game with very basic graphics, but given the lack of multiplayer tablet games that don't require multiple tablets, new additions are always welcome. Hit up the widget to flame on.

Fireballs HD
Fireballs HD
Developer: Brosvision
Price: Free