Why? That is the first word that pops to mind when I see this, LG's marketing campaign for its PRADA-branded smartphone.

edward-norton-daria-werbrowy-are-the-new-faces-of-prada-phone-by-lg-3-0-377x540 Daria-Werbowy-Edward-Norton-Prada-LG-Phone-04a

The second thing I think is, "I kind of want to watch Fight Club." Two hours later, I get back to thinking about just how terrible an idea this phone is, and just how great an actor Edward Norton can be. Anyways, the PRADA by LG 3.0 is being sold as a stylish smartphone, with the design-house PRADA having had at least some level of input so LG could stamp the logo on its back (and front). And in these marketing photos, it looks utterly bland.

Underneath, it's a run of the mill, fairly boring LG smartphone. 4.3" display with WVGA resolution (albeit with a LG's proprietary NOVA technology), a 1GHz TI OMAP4430 dual-core processor, 8GB of storage, and a not-particularly-head-turning thickness of 8.5mm.

And then there's the price - in the UK it retails for around £430 - normal, even cheap, for a high-end device. But now, take a look at it a little more closely:


Image via GSMArena

Holy crap - it's not ugly! It's sleek. It's sexy. You might even call it fashionable. Obviously, it's being marketed to the sorts of people with purse-dogs and $3000 suits, but we're pretty sure Vertu has that crowd covered already. What we have, then, is a luxury-branded device being sold at a non-luxury price. Millionaires will be completely befuddled. But just look at it - it looks like someone actually bothered to style it tastefully (I'm looking at you, Motorola). In fact, that UI looks pretty awesome, too. And so does the zany wallpaper pattern. And the clock widget. The notification bar could use some work, but otherwise, I'm impressed.

PRADA is a company renowned for its exceptionally stylish and durable, if pricey, leather goods, shoes, and luggage. Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this phone probably isn't made from PRADA-quality materials - but it is made with PRADA's legendary sense of style. And it looks fantastic for it.

Yes, it's a phone-gone-fashion accessory. Yes, it's an LG (I can't recall any great LG Android phones, ever). Yes, it's going to be bought by people who know almost nothing about smartphones. I don't care - it's the first phone in ages I've looked at and actually appreciated the styling, and the first stock phone I've ever looked at with a custom UI I like.

Tell you what, Motorola - get on the phone with Versace and make something that doesn't look like it was built in CAD and meant to be used as a prop for Star Wars. Hell, make it a conference call and get Samsung and HTC on the horn, too - I think they all need a good yelling at from someone with an Italian accent and a bit of fashion sense.