Update: You can download a batch script to root your DROID 4 now (you'll need to have USB debugging and Unknown Sources enabled in the Application settings menu). Find the file on this page, and if you can spare it, take the time to donate to Dan Rosenberg for finding the exploit. All proceeds will go directly to charity, in this case, the American Red Cross.

Widely known and respected security researcher Dan Rosenberg has evidently uncovered a root method for the Droid 4, in addition to a universal Motorola root method. Though the Droid 4's root access was discovered less than a day after its release, both exploits are being withheld until a $500 bounty is raised.


Unlike the mod efforts in search of predetermined bounties we've seen in the past, Rosenberg is asking that a $500 bounty be raised after the fact, and explains that it is being raised for a good cause. According to Rosenberg, the first $200 collected will go toward buying a Droid 4, while the remainder will be donated to the American Red Cross.

This certainly puts a refreshing philanthropic twist on Android development and security research, and is a commendable move on Rosenberg's part. If you'd like to donate to the cause, just click through to We Pay. Of course we'll keep you up to date on the exploits when they are released.

Via My Droid World