Pay attention to the name Dan Rosenberg, it's one that you're going to want to know for the future. He's the guy who brought us root for the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet, and now he's back with a root method for the Sony Tablet S. His blog post on how he figured out the exploit is an absolutely fascinating read, albeit quite technical. Even if you don't understand the post in its entirety, you can still appreciate the genius at work to construct such a clever exploit.

I'll spare you all the technical details, but if you decide to give this root a try, I recommend that you read his post and learn what exactly is going on with your tablet.

As always, Android Police is not responsible for your device.

In order to gain root on your Tablet S, you need only two things:

  • ADB access from your computer
  • This file (Windows only)

After the download is complete, make sure USB debugging is enabled on your S and connect it to the computer. Extract the contents of the zip file, execute 'run.bat', and watch the magic happen.