Steve Kondik (aka Cyanogen) put out a public update to the situation with CyanogenMod 9 earlier today, and revealed a few interesting tidbits about Team Douche's progress. Here's a few excerpts we thought were particularly important:

Android 4.0 contains many internal changes that require updated graphics drivers. Unfortunately, these drivers are almost always closed-source and don’t appear until a device or devkit is released with them. For many devices, our hands are tied...

We’ve eliminated the CMParts app, instead choosing to add our custom features directly into the main settings. We are also taking a “just works” approach when it comes to configuration- CM7 had too many options that just weren’t widely used...

The next devices to show up will likely be a whole array of Samsung phones (Exynos chipset), with devices based on the Qualcomm MSM8660 and 7×30 chipsets to follow. It’s still unclear if we can provide support for the QSD8x50 family of devices (Nexus One, HTC Evo, etc), but the answer almost always turns out to be “yes” for these kinds of things.

... as much as we’d like to stay ahead of the manufacturers, it may be a tie this time.

(emphasis ours)

What do we take from this? CyanogenMod 9 is slowly working its way onto more chipsets, and the Galaxy S II is next on their list. Unfortunately, things may take a bit longer this time around as the team works to revamp CyanogenMod as a whole and basically start from scratch in a lot of areas. Obviously, progress is being made, and hopefully the first official nightlies will start landing soon.