If you're due up for an upgrade anytime in 2012, Best Buy is offering a quick and easy way to save yourself $50 on your new handset, regardless of device, carrier, or plan. This new promotion, simply called Phone Freedom, is available now to all users - as long as you sign up before February 12.

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Signing up couldn't be easier - just head over the Best Buy's Phone Freedom landing page, plug in your phone number and e-mail address and you're enrolled. After that, buy whatever handset you like in 2012 and BB will hand over the $50 gift card.

Some users may be wondering exactly why Best Buy is doing this. Simply put, it thinks that BB Mobile is the best way to buy a new phone, and is willing to put its money where its figurative mouth is.

Regardless of reason, it's nothing but win for the end user, so hit the source link and sign up now.

[Best Buy Phone Freedom, More info]

Thanks, Chris!