Meet Andru. He's an Android. Like all Androids, he's adorable. He sits on your desk and makes you smile at his cute little expressionless face while you toil away on those TPS reports. This little 'droid is a hard worker, too. When you need him to, he transforms into a USB wall charger and provides precious juice to all your gadgets.

andru1 andru2 andru3

Your new little buddy costs $25, and he'll make sure he's worth every penny. Andru comes with a stand to hide his power-plug legs when they're not needed, as well as a green and white micro-USB cable. Thankfully, more and more devices these days are using a standard charging cable, so a good majority of you with major Android handsets out there should be able to make use of our favorite green buddy to charge your phones.

Oh, and did we mention his eyes light up? Yes. It turns out his eyes are blue, by the way. You can also move his arms to make him wave. Now, if you'll excuse me, the cuteness overload is making me cry rainbows. I need to go order about ten of these right now.

Source: Gen via AndroidCommunity