Following up on the success of Cordy (a game we mentioned in part 2 of our feature on the best action/adventure games of 2011), SilverTree Media released Cordy Sky to the Android Market today, giving players even more of the freewheeling platform action they came to love in the original. Sky's gameplay is engaging, colorful, and addictive. In this adventure, Cordy meets Volt – a friendly robot who has been trapped on the mysterious planet for a while, and can help Cordy reach the big rocket in the sky to continue his quest to explore new planets.

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Players can jump, bounce, and hover through story mode, eventually reaching the big rocket in the sky, and keep the fun going with Infinity mode, testing just how high they can go. The game also offers achievement badges to heighten replay value.

Cordy Sky is free to try, but will cost you $0.99 through in-app billing if you want to unlock Story and Infinity modes. Given Sky's overall gameplay experience and replay value, though, I'd say the full version is well worth its price.

Cordy Sky
Cordy Sky
Developer: SilverTree Media
Price: Free+