The guys behind the official Dropbox Android app have an enticing present for everyone to check out. They just released an experimental beta v2.0.9 that includes a brand new automatic Camera Upload feature. There are definitely third party apps out there that offer this same service, but it's nice to see the official version updating with some fresh new features.


Here's what you'll find:

  • The app can now automatically upload photos and videos in the background using Wi-Fi or your data plan.
  • No more size limit. So upload to your hearts content.
  • If there are network issues, the upload will resume when those issues are resolved.
  • Some performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • You'll also get 500MB of free space on your first automatic photo upload.

If you allow automatic uploads via your data plan, there is a setting to limit the file size to 25MB (files over this limit will wait for Wi-Fi) or set it to unlimited.

Unfortunately, there's currently no way to add and configure multiple sources and destinations like you can with DropSync, so there is definitely still some room for improvement.

But wait, that's not all! During the beta period you can rack up some more free storage. The first sync gives you an instant 500MB bump, and for every 500MB of photos and videos you upload automatically, you'll receive an additional 500MB of free storage, up to 4.5 more gigabytes. That's 5GB just to help test out the new Dropbox, all for free.

I should also mention that this free space isn't separate from any free space you may have earned from the desktop client beta they announced yesterday.

What are you waiting for? Click or scan the QR code below to grab the experimental release APK. Who knows how long the beta will last...

QR code for

Be sure to hit up the Dropbox forum as well to join the conversation, report any bugs, or make suggestions.