You guys remember Rhapsody, right? The music streaming service that was sitting in the back seat next to Rdio, MOG, and GrooveShark back when Spotify was stealing all the U.S. spotlight? Rhapsody was the one desperately trying to wash the stink of Real Player off its clothes. Well, it's back with another update to its mobile app, and this time it's bringing with it a sweet new tablet interface.


Of the major music streaming services, Rhapsody appears to be the first to create a proper tablet interface for its mobile app. You're able to explore new and popular music or customized suggestions while your current playlist stays active in a sidebar. This concept of creating special UI designs to make efficient use of extra screen real estate is known in the graphic design business as "not being stupid."

Spotify may be the big name in music streaming, but the market is still small and growing. No clear winners are decided yet. All of the major subscription services need to innovate in any way they can. As loath as I am to give any credit to a service that has any historical ties to Real, Rhapsody is the first to bring a proper tablet interface to their subscription service, and it is beautiful.

Spotify, Rdio, and Mog? Do this please. Now.

Source: PR Newswire