Meet Yello, a fish that was probably named by a two-year-old because the child thought he looked vaguely yellowish and he doesn't really know how to spell. He also doesn't quite understand how fish breathe, because he's rather sadistically yanked Yello from his bowl for "a walk." It's up to you to save Yello... by yanking on his tail and flinging him into piles of things until he eventually lands in his bowl.

Did we mention you get to set Yello on fire, too? Yeah, it's awesome.

The game will feel familiar to anyone who's played Angry Birds (read: all of you). You start on one side of a map, pull back and fling things to play. Only, instead of birds, it's Yello; instead of a slingshot, it's Yello's tail; and instead of cartoonish abuse of animals, it's... no wait, that part is still the same.

yello1 yello2 yello3

Saving Yello is a bit less straightforward, though. On the way to your bowl and continued life, Yello is encouraged to destroy all of little Timmy Whatever's toys and knick-knacks in sweet revenge. You can even hit "power ups" that set Yello on fire, impale him with spikes, freeze him in a block of ice, or otherwise turn him into a weapon of mass destruction.

Saving Yello is free in the Android Market, hit the widget below to help Yello get his revenge and, you know, not die.

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