The Droid 4 is the latest iteration in the venerable Droid series. Sporting Motorola's new trademark slightly octagon-ish shape, a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, LTE, and an 8MP rear-shooter, this device brings the Droid series into the world of the future yet again. That future starts February 10th, if this leaked internal Verizon document is to be believed.


An anonymous, but trusted, source sent us this doc from Verizon's internal equipment guide that shows the Droid 4 will launch via all channels February 10th, 2012. Previous rumors have suggested a February 9th release date, and either date is plausible considering Verizon tends to prefer either Thursday or Friday device launches. The Galaxy Nexus, for example, was rumored to launch on December 9th, a Friday, but a service outage pushed back the release. The next available launch date was Thursday, December 15th, which is when the flagship ICS device launched. The Droid RAZR launched on a Friday, as well.

While it's not unprecedented that info like this can change (as in the case of the Galaxy Nexus), this is the most solid info we have yet on the Droid 4's release date. So, who's going to pick one up?

Thanks, Anon!