Aviary, one of the web's most popular free image editors, has built a new nest in the Android market. The software, made by the company of the same name, is a powerful (for free software, anyway) photo editor that comes packed with effects, filters, and tools for sprucing up images. The Android version comes with some effects built in, with the option to shell out some cash for more.

aviary1 aviary2 aviary3

You won't be getting any jobs on a Hollywood effects team with your creations in Aviary, but for most tasks you'd want to do on a phone, Aviary is fantastic. The software lets you apply photo filters, remove blemishes, and even add doodles or text to images. It also allows you to perform routine tasks, such as modifying brightness, contrast, and correcting red eyes. Handy if you still haven't earned your ICS wings and don't have these features in the stock Gallery editor.

The one oddity that we don't like is that you can't open Aviary by itself. The app makes you open up the Gallery and select "Share via", then choose Aviary. This won't actually share your image with anyone, just launch the editor. It's confusing, though the instructions are clearly laid out in the Market description. So, be sure to read those.

Aviary is free in the Android Market right now, so fly on over there so I can stop with these bird puns already.

Photo Editor by Aviary
Photo Editor by Aviary
Developer: Aviary, Inc.
Price: Free+