The official Google Docs app just received a small update that brings a couple of nice features to along for the ride: offline viewing/editing and improved tablet interface for viewing documents.

1_mobile_offline 2_mobile_offline

In order to mark a document for offline viewing, you need only tap the arrow next the entry and select "make offline." The document will then be saved to your device. Updating the saved document is just as easy - hit the "update" button. Simple and intuitive - just the way we like it.

3_tablet_offline 4_tablet_offline 5_tablet_offline

Also new to the app is an improved reading view for tablets. Instead of opening in the phone interface, documents will now open in a much more tablet-friendly look, with the ability to swipe back and forth between pages easily. If you want to edit the opened doc, however, you'll end up back in the same phone-esque interface as before. Hopefully El Goog is working on a tablet-optimized edit interface as well.

Still, this is a welcome update to an app that just keeps getting better.

Google Drive
Google Drive
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Thanks, Nicholas!