T-Mobile UK just announced the plan to kill all plans for our brothers and sisters across the pond. It's called The Full Monty and it's everything that you could possibly want in a mobile plan - unlimited calls, texts, data, and tethering all for one price.

The plan has four different variants, each of which is mostly differentiated by applicable devices. Here's a quick overview of what it looks like:

2012-01-30 11h28_31

If you notice, the most affordable plan is also the one available on the widest variety of devices, but it also has one hindrance compared to the other choices: it only offers 2,000 talk-time minutes to networks other than T-Mo. The other variations, none of which are usable with an Android phone (what gives, T-Mo?), offer completely unlimited talk-time to any network.

Aside from that one drawback, this plan is truly incredible - one that most of us here in the U.S. would love to have.

The plan will be available beginning February 1; for more info check out this blog post from T-Mobile UK.