Amuse has been out for some time now, and there certainly are apps like it, but we decided this one was worth mentioning simply because it works great and has an insanely high rating on the Android Market. The function of this app is very simple, it basically provides you with a mobile feed consisting of the most popular 'entertainment' sites like Rage Comics, Demotivators, 9gag, and many more. Populate the app's home screen with your favorite sites from the list, and see a feed of content directly from the site in an easy-to-consume mobile layout.

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Right from the start, I noticed that this app was very well made. It looks clean, flows nicely, and is really easy to use. You do have the option to customize the appearance a bit, but the 5 different themes you have to choose from are very similar. In addition, you can pick and choose which websites will appear on the app's home screen. Though it is a minor setting option, my favorite feature is the fact that you can choose whether or not the status bar is visible when the app is open. I personally don't like full screen mode on apps like these, so having the option to disable it and keep an eye on my status bar really adds some value.

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So the UI is undoubtedly nice and well-polished, but what about user experience? Well, using this app is great. If I browsed sites like these frequently, I would favor the app over actually hitting up the full site. The main layout is well-organized and operates smoothly. I experienced no technical issues whatsoever when browsing, which makes for a very user-friendly experience.

What's cool about surfing these sites through the Amuse app is the fact that you can share any content you come across in a matter of seconds. Long-press an image or entry and you'll be greeted with a menu that allows you to share via email, SMS, and a plethora of social sites provided you have the proper apps installed. You can also save content to your clipboard for pasting, or save directly onto your SD card for later use.

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Amuse is a great little app that could definitely help you kill some time or generate a chuckle. The nice UI and awesome user experience is what makes this app so popular. However, while it is well-polished and very functional, it isn't without flaws. I didn't find many things I disliked, but there were a few things that I wish were better.

First and foremost, the load times for images are often pretty slow regardless of connection speed, which got really frustrating at times. Secondly, there are currently only two supported languages -English and Polish, and it would be nice to see more soon. Finally, the app appeared to be entirely ad-free for the first hour of use, then ads suddenly started to appear. They don't get in the way of anything, but it would be nice to have a way to pay for an ad-free version of the app.

Other than those small annoyances, Amuse is pretty solid. Check the app and video review out below.

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