If you need more storage space on your device but are waiting for the perfect deal to show up before buying a microSD card, here's the one you've been waiting on. Newegg has a Patriot class 10 16GB card going for a mere ten bones right now after a ten dollar mail-in-rebate. So, technically, you're spending $20 to start off, but you're getting $10 of it back later - probably when you have already forgotten about it. It'll be a surprise!

2012-01-27 10h01_58

Newegg is also sending this one out sans-shipping, so you're saving money on that front, too. Definitely a good deal, considering I picked up an 8GB class 6 card several weeks ago for around $20 with no mail-in-rebate. Hit the link to buy.

Patriot Class 10 microSD ard from Newegg