Thanks to our two-dozen (or so) previous book giveaways, you probably now know how to develop for Android. If so, it's probably time to kick your game up to the next level by mastering application security. Luckily for you, O'Reilly Media recently published a new book on the topic, titled "Application Security for the Android Platform: Processes, Permissions, and Other Safeguards." Written by Jeff Six, the book is a concise (112 page) treatise on the subject.

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Application Security for the Android Platform

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Because nothing says "Application Security" like a fish.

With the Android platform fast becoming a target of malicious hackers, application security is crucial. This concise book provides the knowledge you need to design and implement robust, rugged, and secure apps for any Android device. You’ll learn how to identify and manage the risks inherent in your design, and work to minimize a hacker’s opportunity to compromise your app and steal user data.

How is the Android platform structured to handle security? What services and tools are available to help you protect data? Up until now, no single resource has provided this vital information. With this guide, you’ll learn how to address real threats to your app, whether or not you have previous experience with security issues.

  • Examine Android’s architecture and security model, and how it isolates the filesystem and database
  • Learn how to use Android permissions and restricted system APIs
  • Explore Android component types, and learn how to secure communications in a multi-tier app
  • Use cryptographic tools to protect data stored on an Android device
  • Secure the data transmitted from the device to other parties, including the servers that interact with your app

The book can be purchased via O'Reilly directly for $13.99 for the eBook, $17.99 for print, or $19.79 for both. Alternatively, the Kindle edition can be purchased from Amazon for $9.99.

The Giveaway

Let's be honest: on a system as open as Android, we need all the application security we can get. With that in mind, we're going to keep entering the contest as simple as possible. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. That's it. Make sure you use your real email address when you do - that's how we contact the winners.

Five lucky winners will be chosen at random one week from today at midnight, when the contest ends (that's Friday, February 3 at 11:59 P.M. PST), and will then be contacted by email.

Finally, O'Reilly is kind enough to open this contest up to everyone in the world, so what are you waiting for? Head down to the comments and submit your name!