At the end of last month, NVIDIA announced that Sonic the Hedgehog, Episode 2 would be making its way to Tegra 3-powered devices in 2012. This is not that game.

Instead, this is Episode 1, a long time exclusive of iOS devices. Episode 1 brings the Sonic gameplay we all know and love, picking up where the classic Sonic and Knuckles left off.

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The game features all of the same Sonic moves from previous games and even adds a new trick to the hedgehog's arsenal of spinny maneuvers: the homing attack. You'll get four zones with four acts in each and seven special stages, which includes two levels that were specifically designed for smartphones/tablets.

The game will set you back four bucks, so hit the widget below and give Dr. Eggman the what for.

Sonic 4™ Episode I
Sonic 4™ Episode I
Developer: SEGA
Price: $2.99