When the words Blur and Android 4.0 meet in the same sentence, it's cringe-inducing for most users. Let's be honest here, that's a justified reaction. Blur pretty much sucks.

For the time being, anyway.

A leaked ICS ROM for the international version of the RAZR showed up earlier today with full Blur intact and, surprisingly enough, it doesn't look too bad. It retains more of a stock look than previous version of Blur, with seemingly few modifications made to the homescreens and app drawer. The icons have been blur-ified (yuck) and the lockscreen has undergone a makeover, which actually seems like it might be an improvement over the current ICS lockscreen; it displays four apps to open (instead of just "unlock" and "camera"), along with a silencer at the top - a feature that I've missed on my Galaxy Nexus.

razr-ics2 razr-ics3 razr-ics7

razr-ics1 razr-ics5 razr-ics6

This is still an early ICS build, but If you want to give this a go on your RAZR you can find the download at the source of leak, the Eternity Project forums.

This is for the GSM RAZR, not Verizon's Droid RAZR.

With that little caveat out of the way - head here to get crackin'!