I am a big fan of Evernote, using it everyday to manage my to-do list and work on long-term projects. However, over the years this "simple" note-taking suite has expanded with an unwieldy number of features, making it somewhat difficult to manage. So, it is always nice to see an Evernote update for Android that just aims to make the service better without adding further bloat.

The recent update (version 3.5), downloadable from the Android Market, adds smart titles, quick saves, better layout of images, and a number of crucial bug fixes.

My favourite update is the addition of "smart titles". Previously, notes created using the Evernote Android app would bear the title "Untitled", making searches and sorting difficult. In contrast, notes without titles on Windows would use the first line of the note, a fairly optimal solution. Now, on Android, Evernote will use the content of the note and the time it was created to generate a "smart title".

The second feature in the update is improved spacing and layout of images in notes. This may not be obvious if you primarily use text notes, but is a welcome addition if you attach pictures or create notes using the Skitch app (long pressing on an image will automatically load Skitch if you have it installed).

Next, Evernote has added a quick save option which lets you save the note with the push of a button. Saves should also be generally faster.


Finally, even if the features above don't strike you as particularly interesting, the latest updates bring a number of bug fixes and reliability improvements.

[Source: Evernote Blog]

The app was not found in the store. :-(